Basic Robust Plan 100 Pcs Herbulgari + 50 Gr Premium Bird Nest (Oval) + 1 Bottle of Purtier

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100 Pcs Herbulgari + 50 Gr Premium Bird Nest (Oval) + 1 Bottle of Purtier

What is Herbulgari tea?

100% Herbal tea with a main function to cure through blood circulation. Herbulgari tea has a fast reaction, is highly effective, and no side effect at all. Long term usage does not cause problems on internal body organs as Herbulgari consists of 100% Natural Herbal Ingredients. Effective in curing almost all kinds of mild to severe diseases, such as:

  1. Gout
  2. Back pain, Pinched nerve
  3. Rheumatic, body aches, poor stamina
  4. Joint pain, muscle pain
  5. Swelling, cramps, tingling
  6. Headache, Migraine
  7. Sprain
  8. Improve blood circulation
  9. Preventing stroke, Curing minor stroke
  10. Stroke rehabilitation
  11. Recovery process after an accident

How to drink: Once a day after a meal. Put Herbulgari powder and brew it with 200 ml of hot water. For your health maintenance, only drink once or twice a week. For curing the diseases or during recovery process, drink once a day for 7 consecutive days after a meal.

100% Original, Pure, Premium, Chemical-Free Bird Nest from Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia with 2X Money Back Guaranteed.

Best Price Guaranteed.

The BEST Bird Nest Quality Is Made In Kalimantan (Borneo) Island. 
The Location Of Our Breeding Site Which Is Located In The Natural Habitat of Swiflets in A Remote Village of Kalimantan (Borneo) Island, Far From City, Very Low Pollution, Abundant Amount of Insects as Its Food Source. It’s Just A Pristine, Untouched Natural Environment Which Is A Perfect Living Condition For Swiftlets. Therefore the common color of bird nest coming from Borneo is natural white. You can differentiate the quality of a bird nest by its color, the best color is natural white. Borneo is a place where the best, highest quality bird nests are made.

Quality Does Matter.
The Best Quality Provides Richer Nutrients That Will Unlock Your Health To Its Ultimate Condition.

Don’t Let Someone Deceives You. This Is Why Bird Nest From Java Island and Sumatra are Cheaper, It’s Because The Quality Is Lower. We Know How Densely Populated Those Regions and It’s Always The Same Case For The Bird Nest That Comes From Other Densely Populated Area. The common color of bird nest coming from those area is gold or brown.

Pure, Chemical-Free Bird Nest Guaranteed.
No bleaching, artificial coloring, artificial flavourings, or chemicals guaranteed.
Bird’s Nest are manually cleaned by our staffs.

Try Our Products and Prove That We are Being Honest With You.

Free Delivery For 300 Grams and Above.

Packed In Excellent Condition Right To Your Doorstep !

100% Pure Bird’s Nest (Guaranteed First Havest for purest and best quality bird’s nest) high in nutrients and minerals.
Superior expandability during soaking process.
2 pieces of bird’s nest serves 3 adults portion of concentrated bird’s nest soup.

Purchase in bulk to save!

Guaranteed best price in the market.

* Triple AAA Grade with at least 3 fingers in width formed naturally by the swiftlets.
* 100% 2X money back guarantee if quality is not pure.

Great for youth retention of the skin, hair and nails. Reverse Aging Properties. High collagen content protect our bones from daily activities. Boost overall immune system of our body.

Natural White Color with No bleaching, artificial coloring, artificial flavourings, or chemicals guaranteed.
Bird’s Nest are manually cleaned by our staffs.

What is Purtier Placenta 6th Edition?


The body’s ability to rejuvenate cells slows down and ceases to perform effectively as we age, putting us at risk of developing various chronic illnesses and lifestyle diseases. Therefore, early prevention is the fundamental principle of good health as our bodies possess the ability to build our own anti-ageing mechanism.

PURTIER Placenta utilizes Live-Cell Therapy containing fresh deer placenta live cells and protein to combat the ageing process, rejuvenating degenerated cells and triggering cell production, restoring and revitalizing the body’s youthfulness.

Start your plan to maintain your youth and keep your body in the best condition, keeping healthy and energetic today.


      1. Deer Placenta 100 : 1, Richer in Content Than The Previous Edition With Just 50 : 1
      2. NucleiClavem™ New
      8. AVOCADO OIL
      9. SQUALENE
      11. BORAGE OIL
      12. LYCOPENE

Why Is Our Price Better Than Others ? Don’t Worry, We Have The Reasons:

  1. Our products sold directly by a high-level MLM member of Riway International who has been registered for a long time.
  2. We are not greedy, and hence we don’t mark up the price by too much (Check the market selling price around you).

Why Buying With Us ?

  1. 100% Original with 2X Money Back Guarantee.
  2. Proven track record in Herbulgari sales, high reputation, trusted by thousands of buyers (see here: testimonials).
  3. All of our products are guaranteed to have a chip inside. The chip proves that our Purtier Placenta is 100% Authentic Product.
  4. We have one of the best price in the market.
  5. Easily checkout with a debit / credit card, PayPal account, or direct bank transfer at your convenience.
  6. Fast Shipping and Free Delivery when buying 3 pcs or above.
  7. We strive to have great service quality. We always keep an eye on our customers.

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